A unique and comprehensive two-part program teaching you how to make effective and lasting changes for a lifetime of successful CKD eating.

Yes! this is the same program the professionals are asking about and recommending to their patients!

This fresh, new, & modern approach to CKD eating gives you an easy, step-by-step method to manage your kidney diet and slow or stop that silent progression.

We show you HOW TO implement those crucial dietary changes.

"I just found out I have it"

"I'm sick of logging food in order to know exactly what I am taking in"

"I miss not eating potatoes"

"Not knowing what to eat"

"I don't know what to change"

"I am also diabetic so, combining foods for both"

"Eating low protein and salt"

"Reading labels"

"Not being able to enjoy foods any longer"

"Trying to make a complete meal with low potassium foods"

"Sodium, food portions, dinning out"

These are examples of what my clients are struggling with. Sound familiar?

Don't waste another precious kidney second. Let me show you exactly how to make those necessary changes to slow or stop the progression.

CKD Berbere Chicken

What people are saying...

"Linda, Thank You so much for putting together so much information in one location for those of us dealing with the challenges of CKD. Your program is AMAZING!!! I love all the downloads of reference material available. I went to many sites before I came across yours, and nothing compares. I TRUST your information totally. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

-Client feedback

Every single thing that is imperative to know, all the vital information that is required to have at your fingertips, is all contained right here, in an epic little package.

It's Time.

Here's some of what you are going to get and experience...

  • You will start with updated, reliable, quick and easy to use food reference sheets. We have eliminated the useless and conflicting information and instead, we supply you with clear, comprehensive sheets that are broken down into numerous categorized lists. These lists cover any and every food topic, even those you haven't considered but need to. This will be the LAST set of food reference sheets you will ever need. Guaranteed.

  • You will see how easy it is to remove those brussel sprouts and quickly and safely use one of your favorite veggies instead.

  • You will receive your personal base guideline meal and snack numbers so you know your nutritional limits per meal, per day, and we make sure you leave room for those snacks and desserts too!

  • You will also be shown how to shift those numbers so you can enjoy your holidays or celebrations, and stay within reason of your limitations.

  • You will also discover how easy it is to deal with said holidays and celebrations. Plus a ton of tips for safely dinning out, and eating on the go.

  • You will quickly learn how to decode those labels. You will get cheat sheet guidelines to follow, and we make certain you understand how to determine if a product is goes in your cart or stays on the shelf.

  • If your funds or shopping options are limited, you will be shown the best tricks to safely use those cheaper, non-low sodium products safely.

  • We are going to show you the risky ingredients to watch for, and you are shown where to find amazing CKD products.

  • You are going to see how easy it is to take those other dietary requirements or restrictions, like with diabetes, and combine them with your CKD needs, so you can safely make one meal to satisfy everyone.

  • You get bonus sections showing you how easy it really is to combine Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Lower carb, or Non-dairy diets with the kidney diet.

  • We are giving you the truths about CKD eating. We kick the old dinosaur info to the curb and provide you with proven, reliable, and clear information.

  • This method shows you how you will incorporate your favorite foods and add an extreme amount of variety to your kidney diet. We unlock the little known secrets so you can have those foods you love, you miss, and you crave.

  • You also receive tons of bonus recipes too. CKD Chef created!

  • You get the vital support you need. Forever. We won't leave you hanging. Twenty years from now, if you need help or support, it's here for you. There are never any additional fees.

  • Weekly meetings are available for you to ask questions, and join our support group for ongoing help, and a community of amazing people.

  • A big bonus! Because of Linda's culinary background, you will benefit from all the amazing tips, tricks, and a whopping amount of information about ingredients, cooking, etc... Let's take your meals to the next level.

  • You will love the entire section devoted to the trade secrets of seasoning. You won't miss the salt! You really won't!

What people are saying...

"There is information I did not know and information I thought I knew, only to find out I had been duped!

Things are spelled out in a methodical way.

I let it soak in for a few days, ponder the info, review the downloads, then move to the next module".

-Client feedback

A Few More Testimonials...

"As a registered dietitian collaborating with experts like Linda to develop recipes and support my clients with food skills has been one of the best things I have brought into my practice.

I have worked with Linda to do cooking demonstrations and live teachings with my clients and she is a pleasure to work with.

Linda is extremely knowledgeable and approachable.

Her passion for kidney health shines in her delicious foods and recommendations."

-Emily Campbell, registered dietitian and owner Kidney Nutrition


"I have had the pleasure of working with Linda as a contributor for the American Kidney Fund’s Kidney Kitchen.

She uses her expertise as a chef and her personal experience as a caregiver to create a collection of enjoyable, healthy, and kidney-friendly recipes.

Her recipes are creative and versatile, often including suggestions for ingredient substitutions to suit varying diets.

Since becoming a contributor to Kidney Kitchen, Linda continues to be a valued partner!"

-Rhea Suarez, MPH, CHES®​ American Kidney Fund®​, Associate Director of Public Education


"I know there is a lot of science involved with CKD, but even early on in the modules, it's starting to make more sense to me how important maintaining the various levels are in protecting the kidneys."

-Client feedback


"My kidney function has improved since my last appointment; however, I am now pre-diabetic and mildly anemic. This program has taken on a whole new meaning. I have to make more changes and you are teaching me exactly how to do that. Thank you!"

-Client feedback

Let's break this down for you...

Over the course of the full program, you will learn:


  • about the major nutrient players in CKD

  • general nutrient guidelines to follow until specific, personalized restriction numbers are received

  • tips to lower creatinine

  • all the various food groups, and many more that haven't considered, but need to be

  • how to use the comprehensive, categorized food reference sheets for quick and easy food choices and substitutions (over 25 food topics covered)

  • nearly impossible to find insider tips and information that most people don't know, but help to ease the stresses of CKD eating

  • the best resources to find accurate nutritional information for ingredients and products

  • how to create personal substitute food lists for quick, safe, and reliable ingredient swaps

  • revelations of new and different food options not previously considered

  • how to work the method for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Lower Carb, and Non-dairy too

  • bonus materials on safely keeping blood sugars up

  • access to the client only Basics Workshop Facebook group, with weekly coaching calls


  • how to combine all dietary requirements stemming from other health issues

  • how to calculate nutrients and find missing nutrient amounts

  • how to calculate nutritional information for recipes

  • decoding nutrition labels and what ingredients to watch for (plus the guideline numbers to look for)

  • how to calculate the personalized base guideline meal and snack numbers, and safely leave room for snacks and desserts

  • how to shift those numbers and adjust meals when outside of their normal routine, like a family gathering or holidays

  • how to accurately menu plan to eliminate the daily food tracking

  • how to easily work within any budget

  • how to swap out ingredients quickly and easily for allergens, dislikes, and/or dietary preferences

  • how to tally a weekly menu and make quick changes to adhere to restrictions

  • how to get CKD organized

  • bonus cheat sheet grocery list

  • how to investigate and find the best products for CKD, and blow that "cooking from scratch" myth out of the water

  • how to be a detective when shopping, and how to shop quickly and effectively

  • how to cut food costs, what to do when an item is out of stock

  • bonus culinary info with an entire unit on seasoning, to help elevate flavors and textures for more enjoyment of meals. No more reliance on salt

  • how to use up leftover ingredients or meals, storage tips, and food safety

  • how to be prepared for those days when cooking just isn't happening

  • how to recreate those favorite fast foods at home to sever a reliance on them

  • time saving cooking tips and options to spend less time in the kitchen, especially for those who struggle to physically do so

  • how to manage holidays, dinning out, fast foods, and eating on the go

  • access to the insiders, client only Facebook groups, weekly coaching calls, and access to the PRO workshop only, one-on-one support calls with Linda


  • top favorite bonus recipes and bundles that I created while working with American Kidney Fund®

  • plus, Linda's personal favorite recipes sprinkled throughout the program

  • lifetime support

  • access to additional invaluable resources

  • hope and confidence

  • easy, and stress-free kidney friendly eating

  • goodbye to confusion and frustration

  • made lasting, life-long changes to help slow or stop that progression

Yes! you will learn how to incorporate your favorite foods and add an immense amount of variety too!

You will have no problem combining all dietary needs, if stemming from other health issues, or if you just have picky eaters in the home!

Low carb, Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, or Vegetarian?

No problem! Let me show you how.

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the wonderful information you provide. This information is truly needed. My medical insurance would cover a dietician but I have a 40% copay and that is not something I can afford over and over again!

Thank you, thank you, and a million times thank you!!! Keep up your exceptional work."

-Client feedback

You won’t find this exceptional and unique program anywhere else.

You deserve straightforward, proven, HOW-TO information, answers, and solutions.

This program picks up where the professionals leave you hanging.



Get started instantly with the vital information you need.

You get all the updated, reliable, quick and easy to use food reference sheets immediately, Downloadable and printable! Plus, you are getting in on all the hush-hush information that exposes the old lies about avoiding foods. It simply isn't true, and we show you how to have them.

Join the weekly meeting sessions to get questions answered and discuss the topics covered. Your needed weekly support and accountability are here to assure your success.

Then, move up to the PROven, Innovative Techniques

Get the vital how-to information to make all the necessary changes the professionals tell you to make, but won't show you how to do.

Everything you need, everything you must know is right here!

You will join the exclusive group of in-the-know insiders that are living the CKD diet dream. Get access to all the life changing information today.

This workshop includes lifetime support, access to weekly group coaching meetings, and the PRO workshop only, one-on-one support calls.

What you don't change, you are choosing.

Do the best thing for your kidneys right now. Do it scared, but just do it!

course 1 must be completed before starting course 2

Medical Referral enrollees, please see the Medical Referrals page for enrollment

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CKD Sweet Crepes

CKD Lemon Curd Pavlova

CKD Vanilla Souffle

CKD Pad Thai

CKD Spicy Chicken Pasta

CKD Corned Beef

I look forward to guiding and supporting you on this journey



This work is offered with the understanding that CKD Culinary Consulting, LLC is not rendering medical, legal, or other professional advice or services. Seek professional services if needed. No guarantee to health or the slowing or halting of kidney disease is expressed.

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