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What people are saying...

"My doctor was so happy today, I’ve never seen him that happy! I did what you told me when you told me to. I still can eat my favorite foods and my eGFR number went up, my potassium and cholesterol are good, and my A1C went down to normal. I am so happy! I told him I had some help and gave him your name. Thank you!" -D.J.

What people are saying...

"Linda, Thank You so much for putting together so much information in one location for those of us dealing with the challenges of CKD.  Your program is AMAZING!!!  I love all the reference material available.  I went to many sites before I came across yours, and nothing compares.  I TRUST your information totally. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" -S.M.

 What people are saying...

"There is information I did not know and information I thought I knew, only to find out I had been duped!

Things are spelled out in a methodical way. 

I let it soak in for a few days, ponder the info, review the downloads, then move to the next module".

-Client feedback

 What people are saying...

"I went to the doctor and my blood pressure reading is getting better! My GFR went up, and my diabetes is normal! When I changed my diet, everything went to normal, and my doctor was so happy!"


Well over 150 media outlets have shared the news about the availability of The How to Eat for CKD Method! 

Here's a small sample.

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Toss all the BS you hold in your hands right now, cos I am here to blow the doors open on CKD eating.

Hi, I’m Linda Blaylock, Nutritionist, Chef, Kidney Health Coach, Queen of CKD eating, and the creator of The How to Eat for CKD Method™

Yes, I’m the Queen of CKD eating, and I know how to rock this when it comes to picking your a$$ up off the floor after the professionals drop you, when the old, outdated information fails you, and the conflicting, this-sh1t-doesn’t-make-any-sense confusion slaps you in the face.

I am on a mission, people. A mission to teach the CKD community exactly how to eat within their dietary restrictions and preferences successfully and easily, for life.

Finally. It’s been a long time struggling and waiting for those answers that the professionals just can’t provide. This help is sorely needed, and I am here to deliver. Watching my husband’s labs remain stable all these years means we know what we are doing, we believe in it, and we know it’s going to work for you.

“I have no idea what to eat.”

“I am sick of conflicting information.”

“I need help but have no clue where to get it. “

“I am not giving up my favorite foods and meals.”

“It’s tooooo hard to figure out and follow.”


If anything on this list screams “Get outta my head! Have you been eavesdropping?” then we are absolutely in alignment, and you should consider yourself a How to Eat for CKD family member for life.

I believe that you can easily learn how to make those dietary changes.

If you have the commitment to learn it, you can do it.

I believe the real reason you haven’t been able to figure out this demanding and complicated diet is because the information available to you with a search online is only giving you old, outdated, and simplified information. There’s a complete process and a ton of information not given to you because it’s not a quick, one-pager of information to explain it. They dumb it down for you, just tell you not to eat a ton of foods or entire food groups, then toss their hands in the air and say, “it’s not my problem.”

The process, the information that they don’t want to explain is available. It’s available cos I’m the only one with the ba11s to come forward and take the time to show it to you. You deserve it. 

They tell you that you have a fatal (Yes, it’s fatal) disease, then toss you on your rump to figure out how to save your own life. Thanks for the sore a$$!

Let’s face it, you’re on your own.

But I can help you. I got you.


Look, I’m not feeding you lines or riling up your feathers here about me blowing open those doors. 

You want to know what’s happening?

Read the numerous testimonials on this page!


Here are 3 ways you can enter my CKD family right now:

Make sure you received my low potassium fruits and veggies list and are on my email list, so you don’t miss the helpful info I love to give out.

If ya aren’t in my support group, get in there now.

If ya haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, hit that red button now.

The How to Eat for CKD Method program is your ticket to flipping a finger to those that should help, but don’t (that’s just pure satisfaction), and getting the real and clear answers you need to make those complicated dietary changes for life.

I am committed to helping you learn the easy process, to support you every step of the way, to be available when you need me, and most importantly, handing you everything you need to live your best (and easiest) CKD life.

You will not find anything like this anywhere else. I’m not going to have you wading through BS and trying to decode and untangle things to arrive at a questionable answer.

I’m giving it to you straight. Who has time to waste??

Not sure? Don’t believe me?

Go ahead and look, I’ll wait.


Ya done? Thought so.

Now, if you’re missing key elements and info to make your kidney diet crazy easy, here’s what you can do; head up to those three items I mentioned above and get those taken care of.

Then you’re in, and it’s time to simplify things for you.


For the love of kidneys,

Linda, your CKD Queen

So... what is it?

It's the program mentioned above, The How to Eat for CKD Method.

This is a unique two-part program walking you through HOW to safely and easily make those required dietary changes for life.

Here's some of those annoying and frustrating things we are going to get cleared up for you...

Every single thing 

that is imperative to know, 

all the vital information that is required to have at your fingertips, 

is all contained right here, in this epic little two-part program

It's Time.

CKD Berbere Chicken

Ya wondering who this weird person is that's blabbing your ear off?

It's sweet little me, Linda.

I am chef honors graduate of Escoffier School of Culinary Arts®, an ISSA® Certified Nutritionist, a certified kidney health coach, and a caregiver to my husband who has stage 3 kidney disease.

I have experience here, folks.

I was contracted with American Kidney Fund® for four years creating and testing recipes, providing educational content for their blog, and was an active advocate for Kidney Disease by meeting with representatives in my home state.

I have done informational webinars and cooking demonstrations for American Kidney Fund® and National Kidney Foundation®. I've been in Culinary Entrepreneurs® magazine, worked with dieticians to further client's kidney diet success. I also taught educational classes in my local area, I oversee three online support groups, and I do informational guest spots and cooking demonstrations for medical professionals wanting to learn more about the method and recommending it to patients.

If you want to know more, head on over to the next page.

I am going to go a bit in depth here. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a read.

If you fall asleep, that's fine (I fall asleep when I am reading too). Just pick up where you left off. Ready? Let's break this down for you...

BASIC ESSENTIALS (Book One): "Basics" section

The Core Method (Book Two): "PRO" section

PLUS: Cos, I am a giver (and I know what you really, really need):

Did you make it through? How many coffee refills did ya need?

I know... it's long. I didn't want to leave out a single crumb! 

Now, did I miss anything? If ya think so, lemme know! I am pretty sure its all covered. A to Z.

Look, I give a sh**. I care. I am dedicated to making sure you are set for CKD life.

So, I have opened up several options for you to get what you need.

Ya got no excuse now, baby!  One way or another, it's here for you.

You have options! Choose between the online program, the books, or the individual sections.

BASIC ESSENTIALS (book one) "Basics" section

Get started in the Basics section and receive the essential information you need.

You get all the comprehensive, quick and easy to use food reference sheets. Plus, you are getting all the insider information that rids you of the conflicting, outdated information you've been relying on, and supplies you with all the hush-hush, little known information to instantly relieve you of CKD eating stress. You get the top resources to find accurate nutritional information so, say goodbye to the inconsistent results you find when searching for the answer online. This section lays the foundation to continue on to become a Pro.

If you cannot order through Amazon, We can ship the book to you. Please note that this may take up to 30 days. Books are ordered from Amazon, when we receive them, we ship them to you. You can order HERE. (shipping and handling fees are added)

The Core Method (book two) "Pro" section

In the Pro section, you build on the foundation of the Basics. You get the vital how-to information to make all the necessary changes the professionals tell you to make, but won't show you how to do.

From over-simplified (but essential) calculations, to top culinary tips. Getting your personalized base guideline meal and snack numbers, to menu planning. CKD eating will be something you only need to track and plan once per week.  You will be guided on the (can't-believe-it's-this-easy) process of creating your own meal plan that is specific to your needs and dietary preferences.

Plus, we show you how to work in those favorite foods like potatoes, bacon, chocolate, bananas, etc., and show you the immense variety you can enjoy.

You will be given every piece of the kidney diet puzzle, and shown how to put it together with ease.

If you cannot order through Amazon, We can ship the book to you. Please note that this may take up to 30 days. Books are ordered from Amazon, when we receive them, we ship them to you. You can order HERE. (shipping and handling fees are added)

Save some money and purchase the combo package! Head on over HERE. (shipping and handling fees are added)

Book Purchase Specific Terms & Conditions.

For full terms and conditions document, see link at bottom of page.

A portion of all book proceeds are donated each year to American Kidney Fund®.

If you purchased one or both of the published course program books, or one of the individual units, and would like to schedule an assistance call, you can do that right here.

If you purchased one or both of the published course program books and would like to join the accompanying support group, do some clicky, clicky action here.

 (Sorry, individual course purchases do not qualify)

Individual Courses!

Looking for specific information? Don't have the funds for the full program or book purchase. No worries.

Been at the kidney diet for awhile and need a little help in certain areas? Grab what you need, when you need it.

Get the info and answers you need right now!

*Gluten Free CKD: 25

*Lower Carb CKD: 25

*Nondairy CKD: 25

*Vegan / Vegetarian CKD: 25

*Condiments & Spices: 20

*Fruits & Vegetables: 30

*Meat, Fish, & Seafood: 10

*Nuts, Seeds, & Beans: 25

*Dairy, Eggs, Egg Substitutes, & Cheese: 20

*Grains & Pasta: 20

*Fats, Oils, Alcohol Substitutes, & Chocolate: 10

*Micro Nutrients & Salt Table: 25

Over consuming those restricted nutrients harms the kidneys, right? Did you know that UNDER consuming them will cause further harm as well? Get all the information here. You get a ton of insider hush-hush information to help ease the stress of the kidney diet, plus a bonus salt table so you know how many grams to stick to per day, depending on your limitations. We love making it easy for you!

*Nutritional Information Resources & Product Labels: 15

A list of reliable resources you can use to find accurate nutritional information. Finally know if that food item is, in fact, okay for CKD. Plus get the guidelines to watch for on products so you know if it goes in your cart or stays on the shelves. Find out the many alternative names for phosphorus, sodium, potassium, etc... so you can become a pro at catching those terms in the ingredient lists.

*Sweeteners, Sugars, and Converting/Subbing them: 15

Natural sugars, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and a handy conversion chart showing you how to sub in a sweetener for sugar, or sugar for a sweetener. If you are diabetic or must watch your sugar or carb intake along with your kidney diet, get the info here. Want to know the best Molasses to use? Want to know what Demerara sugar is? Is honey okay? What about Xylitol? Get all the information you need.

*Flours, Alternative Flours, Thickeners, Gums, Binders, & Leaveners: 20

Glutenous grain flours, alternative flours, plus thickeners, gums & binders, and leaveners. All those little ingredients nobody thinks about but should! Baking soda, baking powder, yeast, xanthan gum, etc. all have nutritional values that you need to be aware of! Yep, nobody thinks much about them, but they do impact your dietary intake!

*Math Help: 15

They were right! We do need Math. If you struggled or simply slept through it in school, no worries, it’s all here. I guarantee you that those equations are going to come up. I tried to avoid them too! Ya can’t.

Get all the cheat sheets, simplified walk-throughs, and answers to all those equations. If Math is/was your least favorite subject, no worries. These sheets are spelled out and simplified better than any textbook ever was. I guarantee your child could easily follow along.

*Meal Planning & Finding Your Daily Base Guideline Meal & Snack Numbers: 30

Finding Your Daily Base Guideline Meal & Snack Numbers and using those keys to unlock safe and easy meal planning is at the heart of CKD eating. You simply cannot succeed without them. Let’s keep your intake in check and make sure you are always maximizing your nutrition.  Then, let’s make sure you can indulge on those holidays. Learn how to shift those daily numbers so you can enjoy a cheat day or enjoy those scrumptious (high potassium) enchiladas on Sunday. Easy peasy!

*Recipe Adapting, Weekly Tallying, & Easy CKD Shopping: 30

Simplified and easy step-by-step process for adapting those recipes to fit your needs. Whether it’s a simple ingredient swap, adding more bulk to your meal to fill the tummies, or needing to CKD-ify your favorite recipe that grandma passed down to you, it’s easily done. You also learn how to safely tally your food intake only once per week so you can stop wasting your time tracking it daily. Plus, easy CKD shopping, great products, where to find them, and bonus sheets to make those sticky situations a breeze, like when the store is out of an ingredient.

*Linda's Culinary Expertise & Seasoning Tips: 15

All my culinary expertise, from how to work with seasonings to bring about great flavor, to using up leftovers, food storage, safety, cooking tips, gadgets, and more. All in one place to help you elevate your kidney meals and life. Learn to boost flavors using my top chef tips so you won’t miss the salt, and my top tricks for using up or storing leftover ingredients or meals; no more wasting food and you save money!

*Most Requested information: 25

Kidney disease is often accompanied by other health issues and conditions. Here, a variety of the most requested information is supplied.

Note that units will suggest the purchase of other units, as that information will be needed in order to complete the necessary tasks that individualize the method to your needs.

These are only available online. If you are looking for print, please see the books above.

Purchase of products does not allow admission into corresponding support groups.

If you find you need help with course materials, you may request an assistance call listed above.

Your purchase indicates your acceptance and binding to the Terms & Conditions 

With purchase: I understand that purchase of this product is non-refundable and will not count toward future purchases of online enrollment, other courses, or books. I will receive a link to a .pdf containing all the information. It is my responsibility to save the document and/or email. If I lose the document and/or email, I must purchase the product again. Requests to resend emails or documents will not be allowed.  I agree to not share this information and it is for private use only. Sharing of information or use of the information or ideas or contents within will result in removal from all support groups (if applicable), and legal action for all infringements. I understand that these individual units do not contain 100% of the materials available in the books or online program.


This is an online program only. 

It includes free support calls and links to all videos, products, information, and source materials.

No books are supplied. This is for those that feel much more comfortable online, and can download and save the wealth of reference materials.

Please review our Terms & Conditions before purchase (link at bottom of page)

Prices subject to change. USD

Coming Soon!

I am working on this just as fast as my frying pan will let me...

Chef created Kidney Friendly recipes from yours truly, will be coming your way soon!

I use my top chef tips and tricks (which are supplied to you in the program) to elevate meals to mouth watering, big portioned, flavorful dishes.  You won't miss the salt!

If you are ready to have those favorite foods again, you will!

Not only do I supply a variety of meals that are lower carb, gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian, but nearly all recipes contain instructions to flip them to fit any needs.

If you like that vegan recipe but want to use beef, you can. If you like that recipe but want to make it lower carb, vegan, or gluten free, I give you the tips to do it!

A Few More Testimonials....

"My husband had been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease. He had his yearly doctor appointment and testing, and he has not changed! Everything has remained stable! I’m so HAPPY I COULD BURST!!!  Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and know how. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Please if anyone is suffering from any type of kidney ailment, the program is 10 X worth what she charges!!!

I am diabetic and the program has also helped me!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! We couldn’t have done this without you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR LIVES. You have been a GOD SEND!!! We are so HAPPY. GOD KEEP BLESSING YOU!!!"


"I have had the pleasure of working with Linda as a contributor for the American Kidney Fund’s Kidney Kitchen. 

She uses her expertise as a chef and her personal experience as a caregiver to create a collection of enjoyable, healthy, and kidney-friendly recipes. 

Her recipes are creative and versatile, often including suggestions for ingredient substitutions to suit varying diets. 

Since becoming a contributor to Kidney Kitchen, Linda continues to be a valued partner!"

-Rhea Suarez, MPH, CHES®​ American Kidney Fund®​, Associate Director of Public Education

"I know there is a lot of science involved with CKD, but even early on in the modules, it's starting to make more sense to me how important maintaining the various levels are in protecting the kidneys."


"My kidney function has improved since my last appointment; however, I am now pre-diabetic and mildly anemic. This program has taken on a whole new meaning. I have to make more changes and you are teaching me exactly how to do that. Thank you!"

-Client Feedback (wishes to be anonymous)

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the wonderful information you provide. This information is truly needed. My medical insurance would cover a dietician but

 I have a 40% copay and that is not something I can afford over and over again!  Thank you, thank you, and a million times thank you!!!  Keep up your exceptional work."


"As a registered dietitian collaborating with experts like Linda to develop recipes and support my clients with food skills has been one of the best things I have brought into my practice. 

I have worked with Linda to do cooking demonstrations and live teachings with my clients and she is a pleasure to work with. 

Linda is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. 

Her passion for kidney health shines in her delicious foods and recommendations."

-Emily Campbell, registered dietitian and owner Kidney Nutrition 

"Linda is very special, as when I have questions, she always has time to send me and email or instant message. I have several health issues and she understands what I'm going through. I feel very blessed."


"Linda, I Love the way you write! You are so animated and you write like you speak! In English! Love it!"


CKD Sweet Crepes

CKD Lemon Curd Pavlova

CKD Vanilla Souffle

CKD Pad Thai

CKD Spicy Chicken Pasta

CKD Corned Beef

I look forward to guiding and supporting you on this journey



This work is offered with the understanding that CKD Culinary Consulting, LLC is not rendering medical, legal, or other professional advice or services. Seek professional services if needed. No guarantee to health or the slowing or halting of kidney disease is expressed.

CKD Culinary Consulting, LLC makes no representations, warranties, or medical claims or advice, or to the accuracy or completeness of the contents. No guarantees may be created or extended by use of the materials within. Advice, strategies, suggestions, menus, methods, information, recipes, etc., may not be suitable for every situation.

CKD Culinary Consulting offers no guarantee or undertaking and makes no representation of any kind that the program or products will meet Your requirements, achieve any intended results, be compatible or work with any other dietary needs.

This information is for home use only.  This is shared information based on experiences.

No liability is assumed by CKD Culinary Consulting, LLC for this information, for any misuse, misdirection,

or situations arising from what you do with this information.