A two-part, comprehensive program teaching you how to successfully eat with chronic kidney disease

My CKD Berbere Chicken

Are you struggling with the restrictions of the CKD diet?

Confused about which foods are "safe"?

Not sure how to sub ingredients or how to season without salt?

Are you trying to find acceptable food lists you can actually use?

Are you struggling to eat for CKD when you also have diabetes, or another illness with additional dietary requirements?

Wish you had someone that could hand you the answers?


Discover the answers you have been looking for.

I am here to offer you the chance to work through my one-of-a-kind method to achieve complete control over your CKD diet.

  • This unique method is a fully comprehensive, two-part program that teaches you how to eat within your restrictions and food preferences.

  • We start with the Basic course and give you all the food lists you need right now. Then, we give you even more lists that you didn't know you needed!

  • You will receive tips and information you had not known before and is not usually known outside a professional office.

  • We help you ease the stress of CKD eating, and give you bonus recipes too.

  • We offer ongoing, lifetime support and we are there to help you every step of the way.

  • We take the frustration, confusion, and fear out of CKD eating and put the confidence and control into your hands.

  • A big bonus! Because of Linda's culinary background, you will benefit from all the wonderful tips, tricks, and information on foods, cooking, seasoning, food storage, safety, etc... which are key to making great tasting meals.

  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Lower carb, Picky eaters, etc. can all benefit.

  • When you have completed the Basics course, you will be invited to move to the Pro course where you will learn all of the secret, insider information, AND we will teach you the core method that will take your CKD eating to the next level and change your kidney friendly eating forever.

Leave confusion, frustration, and fear behind and prepare to become armed with information and the process to succeed at the CKD diet.

Over the course of the full program, you will learn:

  • about the major nutrient players in CKD

  • all the various food groups, and then some (containing comprehensive reference sheets to make meal planning and recipe adapting quick and easy)

  • insider tips and information that most people don't know

  • the best resources to find accurate nutritional information for ingredients and products

  • how to create your own personal substitute food list for quick and easy swaps

  • You will branch out and try a new food and learn about options you have never thought to try before

  • how to calculate nutrients and find missing nutrient amounts

  • how to calculate nutritional information for recipes

  • about nutrition labels and what to watch for (And we supply you with the guideline numbers to look for)

  • how to calculate your personalized base guideline meal and snack numbers

  • how to shift those numbers and adjust your meals on those days you have a family gathering or holidays

  • how to menu plan

  • how to quickly and easily swap out ingredients for your allergens, dislikes, and/or dietary preferences

  • how to tally your daily menu and make quick changes to adhere to your restrictions

  • the best way to make your grocery list

  • how to get organized, how to investigate and find the best products for CKD

  • how to be a detective when shopping and how to shop quickly and effectively

  • a ton of tips and tricks including bonus culinary info, like seasoning to help elevate flavors and textures for more enjoyment of meals

  • tips on food storage for your leftovers and different ways to use them

  • how to be prepared for those days when cooking just isn't happening

  • time saving cooking tips, and great gadgets to help create tasty meals

  • You will gain invaluable resources for all things CKD

  • You will learn how to make this method work if you are Vegan, Vegetarian, Lower carb, Gluten free, or have other health issues that impose further requirements

  • You get a bunch of my favorite recipes

  • You will gain hope and confidence

  • You will gain the ability to eat within your restrictions and dietary preferences

  • And best of all you will gain control of your diet and the ability to succeed at eating for CKD!

*Would you like an inside peek at the full program?*

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As a registered dietitian collaborating with experts like Linda to develop recipes and support my clients with food skills has been one of the best things I have brought into my practice.

I have worked with Linda to do cooking demonstrations and live teachings with my clients and she is a pleasure to work with.

Linda is extremely knowledgeable and approachable.

Her passion for kidney health shines in her delicious foods and recommendations.

-Emily Campbell, registered dietitian and owner Kidney Nutrition

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda as a contributor for the American Kidney Fund’s Kidney Kitchen.

She uses her expertise as a chef and her personal experience as a caregiver to create a collection of enjoyable, healthy, and kidney-friendly recipes.

Her recipes are creative and versatile, often including suggestions for ingredient substitutions to suit varying diets.

Since becoming a contributor to Kidney Kitchen, Linda continues to be a valued partner!

-Rhea Suarez, MPH, CHES®​ American Kidney Fund®​, Associate Director of Public Education

Let's get you started on the right track.

Step 1: Begin by using this great beginners guide to help you right now.

Download the FREE

"Stress Free CKD Eating: A Comprehensive Vegetable List to help people with CKD navigate the Highs and Lows"

Step 2: If you have any questions, if you would love this opportunity but are struggling financially, or you just want more information, PLEASE book a call or shoot me an email.

If you are ready to commit to taking your CKD to the next level...

Step 3: Sign up for THE BASICS now to get you started.

The Basics course will take you through the first four modules of the program. Here you get all the comprehensive food lists right now! Learn a ton of valuable information and tips that most people don't know, and the best resources for nutritional information.

Step 4: When you are ready, sign up to become a *PRO.

This is where you will work through modules 5-12 and take a deep dive into learning all the secrets that remove the stress, frustration, and confusion, and make CKD eating easy. This is the section that will change your kidney friendly eating forever!

*course 1 must be completed before starting course 2, as the information given builds on top of each other*

Basics course: $147 USD or 3 payments of $57 Pro course: $357 USD or 3 payments of $137

Sweet Crepes

Lemon Curd Pavlova

Vanilla Souffle

Pad Thai

Spicy Chicken Pasta

Corned Beef

I look forward to helping you on this journey



This work is offered with the understanding that CKD Culinary Consulting, LLC is not rendering medical, legal, or other professional advice or services. Seek professional services if needed. No guarantee to health or the slowing or halting of kidney disease is expressed.

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